Light-Up Wilbur the Gnome Tree

Dimensions: 13.50" x 8.25"

Meet Wilbur, a jolly gnome with an evergreen tree for a hat. His flair for forest-like fashion is legendary.  He can be painted for any holiday--paint his tree green for Christmas, yellow/orange/white for Halloween, pink with hearts for Valentine's Day, and the list goes on.  He comes with a full set of rainbow lights and a star to sit in the top of his tree hat, as well as an electric light kit to illuminate him. Wilbur would be delighted to join your household!

Specialty Tree Glazes are included as a color option for this piece. They are semi-transparent glazes that create natural highlights and shadows on textured pieces like this. They do require 3-4 coats to achieve the depicted look, and must NOT be layered with standard Paint Colors. To make snowy accents on your piece, we recommend either ordering our No-Fire Snow Paint to apply to your piece after you get it back, or forgoing the Tree Glazes and only using the Standard Paint Colors, which can be layered together.